Change Sharing Permissions in Your Outlook Calendar

Permission Levels
If you’re not sure what each permission level means, you can select one from the Permission Level drop down box and see what options are selected below. I’ve summarized the permission levels below.

None- the person cannot see any information related to your calendar.
Free/Busy time – the person can see when you’re free or busy
Free/Busy time, subject, location – the person can see the time, subject, and location of your appointments
Contributor – the person can put appointments on your calendar but cannot see details of existing appointments
Reviewer – the person can read everything related to an appointment (except a private one) and see folders, but not subfolders
Nonediting Author – the person can see appointment details, create appointments (but not folders), and delete the appointments they created
Author – the person can see appointment details, create appointments, edit appointments they created, and delete appointments they created
Publishing Author – the person can do everything an Author can, plus create subfolders
Editor – the person can create items, edit all appointments, delete any appointment, and see the full details of all appointments
Publishing Editor – the person can do everything an Editor can, plus create subfolders
Owner – the person will have the same permissions to your calendar that you have

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